Excelsior Endeavor

Excelsior Endeavor is an RPG geared to address modern action and super hero adventures. The only dice needed to play are a number of d6, at least one of which is a different color from the rest. Let's start by diving into some rules material right out of the gate!

Attribute Actions

Attribute Actions form the core of a character's abilities. There are 4 Attribute Actions you could broadly class as "Physical" and 4 you could broadly class as "Mental". The names of the Attribute Actions were chosen to evoke categories a soldier might be evaluated on.

Attribute Actions
Combatives Reasoning
Motor Skill Instincts
Strength Willpower
Conditioning Sociability

All Actions, including Attribute Actions are rated. The number of ratings and how they will be cut up is still to be determined, but for now we will rely on an old classic RPG to guide us. Here are the current ratings:

Tier Null: Die Shift Only Dice Rolled Rating
Mod Null 1 Wild Die 0
Tier 1: Human Scale Dice Rolled Rating
Anemic 1 + 1 Wild Die 2
Poor 2 + 1 Wild Die 4
Fair 3 + 1 Wild Die 6
Good 4 + 1 Wild Die 8
Excellent 5 + 1 Wild Die 10
Tier 2: Super-Human Dice Rolled Rating
Superior 6 + 1 Wild Die 20
Masterful 7 + 1 Wild Die 40
Epic 8 + 1 Wild Die 60
Peerless 9 + 1 Wild Die 80
Ultimate 10 + 1 Wild Die 100
Tier 4: Cosmic Scale Dice Rolled Rating
Vast 11 + 1 Wild Die 200
Stellar 12 + 1 Wild Die 400
Galactic 13 + 1 Wild Die 600
Universal 14 + 1 Wild Die 800
Boundless 15 + 1 Wild Die 1000
Tier 4: Infinite Dice Rolled Rating
Infinite 16 + 1 Wild Die Infinite


Specialties modify Actions. For example, a character may have a Specialty in Driving, which would add a Die Shift when the character was attempting to use their Motor Skill to maneuver a car through a busy street. Specialties do not need to modify just Attribute Actions, they may also modify Special Actions, powers, etc., depending on their nature.

Specialty Ratings
Untrained -1 DS*
Novice 0 DS*
Intermediate +1 DS
Advanced +2 DS
Elite +3 DS

Note: In general, a character picking a Specialty has it at "Intermediate" +1 DS rank, and unspecialized characters roll their base Attribute Action. The Untrained/Novice ratings are for advanced Specialties (possibly, to be determined by how the design pans out.)

The Die Mechanic

Resolving actions in Excelsior Endeavor may require the rolling of dice. Here is how that mechanic works:

  • Roll the (modified) Attribute Action rating in d6. One of the dice rolled is of a different color and is called, "The Wild Die."
  • Any die rolling a 6 = 1 "Effect"
  • The "Wild Die", if it rolls a 6, may be rolled again to see if it rolls 6 again, for so long as it continues to score a 6. Each 6 rolled in this way also adds to the Effect.
  • If no Effect is rolled and the Wild Die rolled a 1, a fumble results.

So, what does the "Effect" mean? Generally, actions in Excelsior Endeavor have 3 levels of possible Effect, and any levels of Effect beyond 3 shift the power of the effect up as well. For example:

  • 1 Effect = A Green result, most often the most basic level of success.
  • 2 Effect = A Yellow result, an exceptional level of success.
  • 3 Effect = A Red result, a critical level of success.
  • 4+ Effect = A Red result, meaning a critical level of success, but also the power of the effect is raised by 1 for each level of effect over 3.