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Welcome to DreamCloud Academy!

DreamCloud Academy hosts a variety of services and acts as a community hub for its members. Originally an ownCloud server launched by Benjamin R. Terry back in 2016, he soon added accounts for his friends to play with. Over time, web space and additional services were added, but eventually the system grew somewhat out of date and ran short on disk space. On November of 2019, DreamCloud Academy was relaunched with additional space and services. It currently runs an up to date Debian providing a wiki using MediaWiki, cloud storage and many other services through NextCloud, and simple user web hosting as well. A number of libraries are maintained in the cloud storage. Documentation and curation of the libraries is ongoing, as are updates to the applications and individual web pages. Enjoy!

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

DreamCloud Academy Projects

Members of DreamCloud Academy are working on things! Here are currently existing projects members may be collaborating on:

  • Game Night!: Stats and information on our RPG group's game nights. Breakdowns and analysis by Rich Forest.
  • The RPG Gallery: A simple image gallery of RPG covers. Almost 1000!
  • A Guide to the RPG Library: A cataloging of RPGs, with details as to their dates of publication, subject matter and other details. Primarily maintained by Ben Terry.
  • A Guide to the Periodical Library: A summary of the subject matter and history of the periodicals contained in the DreamCloud Academy Periodical Library. Primarily maintained by Ben Terry.
  • A Guide to the Radio Library: A summary of the contents of the Old Time Radio library. Primarily maintained by Ben Terry.

DreamCloud Academy Services

The currently available services for members include...

DreamCloud Academy Member Pages

  • Game Night!: Rich has compiled some stats on our RPG groups game night activities. He keeps it updated. Check it out!
  • Baz's Page!: Back when we kicked this all off, Baz was the 1st to contribute a home page. This had some contact info, and a list of goodies they had for lending to friends, etc.
  • Ben's DCA Tech Log!: This used to be the front page of the old DreamCloud Academy. It's Ben's space now, mostly a log of the evolution of DCA on the technical side.
  • Ben's Notes: Just Ben playing with TiddlyWiki from within his personal web space here.

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