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== Nexus ==
== Nexus ==
== Old Radio Times ==
== Old Radio Times ==
== Old Skull Zine ==
== Pegasus Magazine ==
== Pegasus Magazine ==
== Polyhedron Magazine ==
== Polyhedron Magazine ==
== Pyramid Magazine ==
== Pyramid Magazine ==
== Reality Hackers ==
== Reality Hackers ==
== Retro Gamer Magazine ==
== Shadis Magazine ==
== Shadis Magazine ==
== Sorcerer's Apprentice ==
== Sorcerer's Apprentice ==
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== Star Frontiersman Magazine ==
== Star Frontiersman Magazine ==
== The Dungeoneer ==
== The Dungeoneer ==
== The Rifter ==
== The Strategic Review ==
== The Strategic Review ==
== Warlock Magazine ==
== Warlock Magazine ==

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DreamCloud Academy has a Periodical Library that currently focuses on RPG related magazines, but also contains magazines related to technology, history, sci-fi, old time radio, and other subjects of interest.


Somewhat similar to Heavy Metal, this magazine started in 1978 and published sci-fi and fantasy stories in comic form.

Adventure Magazine

An independent role-playing magazine that published adventures and articles related to a number of different RPGs. It was published from 1986 to 1987, producing only 11 issues.

Adventures Unlimited Magazine

Adventures Unlimited was a quarterly publication of Bootstrap Press Inc from the mid-'90s. Each issue aimed to present 6-8 scenarios for various roleplaying games. It ran for 6 issues.

After the Battle

This is a UK Magazine that closely examines World War 2 battles and locations, including plenty of photographs and diagrams.

Ancient Origins Magazine

Ancient Origins is a glossy magazine that started in September of 2018. It is a history magazine that focuses more on the ancient world, and has production values similar to National Geographic. Interesting subject matter that is approached sometimes seriously, sometimes with a conspiratorial eye.

Arcane Magazine

RPG magazine from Future Publishing in the UK which ran for 20 issues from December 1995 to June 1997. Production quality was high and content included articles and reviews for a wide range of RPGs. Each issue also had a (pull-out, usually generic) scenario or short encounter.

Ares Magazine

An RPG and Wargaming Magazine by SPI that had a publishing run of 17 volumes between March 1980 through Spring of 1984. It covered SPI's DragonQuest and Universe RPG systems extensively. It included a game in every issue.

Beneath the Glass & Steel

An electronic zine focused on Cyberpunk roleplaying, curated and published by Vulpinoid Studios.

Black Pudding (Zine)

A zine full of old school adventures, spells, items and character classes. Stylish and classic D&D themed.


The zine that would later lead to the web site boingboing.net, it ran from 1988 until the mid '90s. Subject matter was related to gadgets and technology, but also futurism, counter-culture, etc.

Challenge Magazine

The magazine of science fiction gaming. While this magazine covered many science fiction games from various publishers, it began as the house journal of Game Designers Workshop. The first issue of Challenge was #25 as it continued the numbering from The Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society magazine it replaced. Challenge continued through to Issue 77, an issue 78 was planned but never published. The Journal of the Traveller's Aid Society continued as a distinct section of the magazine, completed with it's own internal "cover", supporting classic Traveller until #36. After that, which coincided with the release of of MegaTraveller, Traveller articles were integrated with the rest of the magazine.


A well produced electronic magazine produced by the Gauntlet community. Covers mostly independent RPGs and Story Games, including many such original games in this magazine itself, along with material for games produced by its community.

Different Worlds Magazine

"The Magazine for Adventure Role Players" This RPG Magazine was published by Chaosium then Sleuth Publications and then finally Different Worlds Publications between 1979 through the fall of 1987. It covered RPGs from AD&D through YSGARTH RPG. There are 47 issues.

Dragon Magazine

Starting its life as the Strategic Review, this was TSR's RPG magazine. It was the RPG magazine with the largest circulation during its run. While it primarily covered the various TSR games, it also provided reviews and material discussing RPGs across the hobby. Near the end of its life, the magazine shifted online and focused more closely on D&D.

Dungeon Magazine

Also produced by TSR, this magazine primarily featured adventures for Dungeons & Dragons. It had production value essentially identical to those of Dragon magazines of the same era.

Frontier Explorer Magazine

Future Sex

Gygax Magazine


Hack This Zine

Heavy Metal Magazine

High Frontiers

Imagine Magazine


Interactive Fantasy

Journal of the Travellers' Aid Society

Mondo 2000


Old Radio Times

Old Skull Zine

Pegasus Magazine

Polyhedron Magazine

Pyramid Magazine

Reality Hackers

Retro Gamer Magazine

Shadis Magazine

Sorcerer's Apprentice

Space Gamer

Star Frontiersman Magazine

The Dungeoneer

The Rifter

The Strategic Review

Warlock Magazine

White Dwarf Magazine

White Wolf Magazine

Wizard Funk