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Welcome to the RPG Guide. This contains a list of games I have in the DreamCloud Academy library, with links to further information regarding each of these games. As this is a rather massive undertaking, expect it to take a while to reach completion!

Title Year of Publication Publishing Company/Creator Summary
13th Age 2013 Pelgrane Press
3-16 Carnage Amongst the Stars 2008 Box Ninja
4C 2007 Phil Reed
7th Sea 2nd Edition 2016 John Wick Publishing
A Dirty World 2008 Schroedinger’s Cat Press
A Game of Thrones
A Single Moment
A Song of Ice and Fire
Aberrant 1999 White Wolf Game Studio
Aces & Eights 2007 Kenzer & Company
Active Exploits 2nd Edition 2005 Precis Intermedia Gaming
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition 1977 TSR
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition 1989 TSR
Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2011 Arion Games
Advanced Labyrinth Lord 2019 Goblinoid Games
Adventure 2001 White Wolf Game Studio
Adventurer Conqueror King 2012 Autarch
Aftermath! 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Agon 2006 one.seven design
Albedo - Platinum Catalyst
Aliens Adventure Game
All Flesh Must Be Eaten 1999 Eden Studios, Inc.
Alternity 2nd Edition
Amazing Adventures
Amber Diceless Roleplay 1991 Phage Press
AMP 2014 Third Eye Games
Another Fine Mess
Apocalypse Prevention Inc Third Eye Games
Apocalypse World 2010 Lumpley Games
Apocalypse World 2nd Edition 2016 Lumpley Games
Archipelago 3rd Edition
Army of Darkness 2005 Eden Studios, Inc.
Ars Magica 2nd Edition 1989 Lion Rampant Games
Ars Magica 3rd Edition 1992 White Wolf Game Studio
Ars Magica 4th Edition 1996 Atlas Games
Ars Magica 5th Edition 2004 Atlas Games
Ascendant 2020 Autarch
Atlantis – The Second Age 2014 Khepera Publishing
Atomic Highway
Awaiting the End
Axon Punk Overdrive
Barbarians of Lemuria 2008
Base Raiders
Basic Fantasy 2007
Batman Role Playing Game 1989 Mayfair Games
Beast Hunters
Behind Enemy Lines 1982 FASA
Beyond the Supernatural 1987 Palladium Books
Beyond the Wall
Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2nd Edition 2001 Guardians of Order
Big Eyes, Small Mouth 3rd Edition 2007 White Wolf Game Studio
Black Seven
Blade Bind
Blade of the Iron Throne
Blades in the Dark
Blood of Heroes 2000 Pulsar Games
Blood, Guts & Glory
Blue Planet - Recontact 2020
Blue Planet 1st Edition 1997 Biohazard Games
Blue Planet 2nd Edition 2000 Fantasy Flight Games
Blue Planet Revised 2012 FASA (new)
Boot Hill 2nd Edition 1979 TSR
Boot Hill 3rd Edition 1990 TSR
Bubblegumshoe 2016 Pelgrane Press
Buck Rogers - High Adventure Cliffhangers 1993 TSR
Buck Rogers XXVc 1990 TSR
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2002 Eden Studios, Inc.
Bulletproof Blues 2nd Edition
Bunnies & Burrows 1976 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Burning Empires 2006 Burning Wheel
Burning Wheel 2002 Burning Wheel
Bushido 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
BX Essentials
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 1990 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Call of Cthulhu 5th Edition 1992 Chaosium
Capes 2005 Muse of Fire Games
Car Wars
Cartoon Action Hour - Season 3
Castle Falkenstein 1994 R. Talsorian
Cepheus Engine
Champions - New Millenium 1997 Hero Games
Champions 1st Edition 1981 Hero Games
Champions 2nd Edition 1982 Hero Games
Champions 3rd Edition 1984 Hero Games
Champions 4th Edition 1989 Hero Games
Champions Now 2020 Hero Games
Changeling - The Dreaming 20th Anniversary 2017 Onyx Path Publishing
Chill 1e 1984 Pacesetter Ltd.
Chill 2e 1990 Mayfair Games
Chivalry & Sorcery
Classroom Deathmatch
Codename - Spandex
Conan – Pocket Edition 2005 Mongoose Publishing
Conan - TSR 1985 TSR
Conspiracy X 1996 New Millennium Entertainment
Conspiracy X 2nd Edition 2006 Eden Studios, Inc.
Contact - Tactical Alien Defense
Coriolis 2016
Covert Ops
Crimefighters 1981 TSR
Crimson Exodus
Cryptworld 2013 Pacesetter Ltd.
Cyberpunk 2013 1988 R. Talsorian
Cyberpunk 2020 1990 R. Talsorian
Cyberpunk Red 2020 R. Talsorian
Cyberspace 1989 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Cypher System 2015 Monte Cook Games
d6 System 1996 West End Games (WEG)
Dagger by Proxy
Dallas The RPG 1980 Simulations Publications, Inc.
Danger International 1985 Hero Games
Dangerous Journeys 1992 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Daredevils 1982 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Dark Conspiracy
Dark Dungeons 2010 Gurbintroll Games
DC Adventures 2010 Green Ronin Publishing
DC Heroes 1985 Mayfair Games
DC Universe 1999 West End Games (WEG)
Degenesis - Rebirth Edition (English) 2014 SIXMOREVODKA
Degenesis - Rebirth Edition (German) 2014 SIXMOREVODKA
Demon - The Descent 2014 Onyx Path Publishing
Dime Adventures
DIY RPG Productions
Do - Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
Doctor Who - FASA 1985 FASA
Dogs in the Vineyard 2004 Lumpley Games
Don't Rest Your Head 2006 Evil Hat Productions
Dragon Age 2010 Green Ronin Publishing
Dragon Warriors 1985 Corgi Books
DragonQuest 2nd Edition 1982 Simulations Publications, Inc.
DragonQuest 3rd Edition 1989 TSR
Dream Park 1992 R. Talsorian
Dune 2000 Last Unicorn Games
Dungeon Crawl Classics 2012 Goodman Games
Dungeon Squad II
Dungeon Squad!
Dungeon World 2012 Sage Kobold Productions
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 2003 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition 2000 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition 2008 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition 2014 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons B-X 1981 TSR
Dungeons & Dragons BECMI 1983 TSR
Dungeons & Dragons Holmes 1977 TSR
Dungeons & Dragons White Box 1974 TSR
Dungeonslayers 3.5
Dungeonslayers 4th Edition
Dying Earth 2001 Pelgrane Press
EABA 2003 Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Earthdawn 4th Edition 2015 FASA (new)
Eclipse Phase 2009 Posthuman Studios
Ehdrighor 2013
ElfQuest 1984 Chaosium
Empire of the Petal Throne 1975 TSR
Encounter Critical
Enforcers 1987 21st Century Games
Espionage! 1983 Hero Games
Everway 1995 Wizards of the Coast
Exalted 1st Edition 2001 White Wolf Game Studio
Exalted 2nd Edition 2006 White Wolf Game Studio
Fading Suns 1st Edition 1996 Holistic Design, Inc.
Fading Suns 2nd Edition 1999 Holistic Design, Inc.
Fantasy AGE Green Ronin Publishing
Fantasy Craft 2009 Mongoose Publishing
Fantasy Hero Hero Games
Far Trek
Feng Shui
Feng Shui 2 Atlas Games
Fight! - 2nd Edition
Fighters United
Fists & .45s
Five Fires - Hip Hop Social Fiction
Five Torches Deep
Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo 1977 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Flashing Blades 1984 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Flying Swordsmen
For Gold & Glory
Freedom Fighters 1986 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Furry Pirates
Future Nexus
Game Design
Gamma World 1st Edition 1978 TSR
Gamma World 2nd Edition 1983 TSR
Gamma World 7th Edition 2010 Wizards of the Coast
Gangbusters 1st Edition 1982 TSR
Gangbusters 3rd Edition 1990 TSR
Gangster! 1979 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Ghostbusters RPG 1986 West End Games (WEG)
Godbound 2016 Sine Nomine Publishing
Godlike 2nd Edition
Golden Heroes
Golden Sky Stories
Grey Ranks
GURPS 3rd Edition Steve Jackson Games
GURPS 4th Edition Steve Jackson Games
HarnMaster Gold
HARP 2003 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Heavy Gear 1995 Dream Pod 9
Heavy Gear d6
Hercules & Xena 1998 West End Games (WEG)
Heroes Against Darkness
Heroes Unlimited 1984 Palladium Books
HeroQuest 2nd Edition
Hillfolk 2013 Pelgrane Press
History of the Hobby
Hollow Earth Expedition
Hong Kong Action Theatre
Honor & Intrigue
Immortal - Invisible War 3rd Edition
In Dark Alleys
Indiana Jones RPG 1984 TSR
Invisible Sun 2018 Monte Cook Games
It Came From the Late Late Late Show
James Bond 007 1983 Victory Games
John Carter of Mars
Jovian Chronicles 1998 Dream Pod 9
Judge Dredd - GW
Justice Inc
Justifiers RPG 1st Edition
Kagegami High
Katanas & Trenchcoats
Kult 1st Edition
Lace and Steel
Lady Blackbird
Lamentations of the Flame Princess
Land of the Rising Sun 1980 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Lands of Adventure 1983 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Lark Fantasy
Lasers & Feelings
Leagues of Adventure
Legacy - War of Ages
Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition
Legendary Lives 2nd Edition
Legends of the Ancient World
Legends of the Wulin
Lone Wolf
Lone Wolf Adventure Game 2015 Cubicle 7
Lone Wolf d20 2004 Mongoose Publishing
Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook 2010 Mongoose Publishing
Lords & Wizards 1977 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Low Fantasy Gaming
Macabre Tales
Macho Women With Guns 2nd Edition
Mage - The Ascension 20th Anniversary
Magic World 2012 Chaosium
Magister Lor
Maid - The Role Playing Game
Mars Colony
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying 2012 Margaret Weis Productions
Marvel SAGA 1998 TSR
Marvel Super Heroes 1984 TSR
Marvel Universe RPG 2003 Marvel Comics
Masks - PbtA
Mazes and Minotaurs
Mechwarrior 3rd Edition 1999 FASA
MegaTraveller 1987 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Mekton II 1987 R. Talsorian
Mekton Zeta 1994 R. Talsorian
Merc 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes 1983 Flying Buffalo
Mermaid Adventures - Revised Edition Third Eye Games
Metamorphosis Alpha 1976 TSR
Middle-Earth Role Playing 1st Edition 1984 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Middle-Earth Role Playing 2nd Edition Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Modern AGE Green Ronin Publishing
Monsterhearts 2nd Edition
Mouse Guard 2008 Archaia Studios Press
Mud, Blood & Glory
Mutant City Blues 2009 Pelgrane Press
Mutant Crawl Classics Goodman Games
Mutants & Masterminds 1st Edition 2002 Green Ronin Publishing
Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition 2005 Green Ronin Publishing
Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition 2011 Green Ronin Publishing
My Life With Master
Mythender 2012
Mythic d6
Neon Sanctum
Never Tell Me the Odds
Neverwhere 3rd Edition
Nexus - The Infinite City
Nicotine Girls
Night's Black Agents 2012 Pelgrane Press
Ninjas & Superspies 1988 Palladium Books
Numenera 2013 Monte Cook Games
Old-School Essentials
On Mighty Thews
Other Dust 2012 Sine Nomine Publishing
Other Suns 1983 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Outlaws of the Water Margin
OVA Revised
Over the Edge 2nd Edition 1997 Atlas Games
Over the Edge 3rd Edition 2019 Atlas Games
Palladium Fantasy Palladium Books
Palladium Weapons & Armor Palladium Books
Paranoia 2nd Edition 1987 West End Games (WEG)
Part-Time Gods 2nd Edition Third Eye Games
Pathfinder 1st Edition
Pendragon 5th Edition
Phoenix Command
Pip System Third Eye Games
Power Kill
Powerchords - Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy
Prime Directive 1993 Task Force Games
Primetime Adventures
Prince Valiant
Privateers & Gentlemen 1983 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Psi World 1984 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Quest of the Ancients
Radio Free Kaiju
Rapier & Dagger
RECON - Original
RECON - Palladium Palladium Books
Robot Warriors
Robotech Palladium Books
Rolemaster Classic Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Romance of the Perilous Land
Romance Trilogy (Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, Under My Skin) - ECB
RuneQuest 4th Edition 2018 Chaosium
RuneQuest 6th Edition 2012 The Design Mechanism
RuneSlayers 1998 J.C Connors, Christopher Lawrence
Sailor Moon
Savage World Adventurer Edition 2019 Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition 2011 Pinnacle Entertainment Group
Scarlet Heroes 2014 Sine Nomine Publishing
Sentinel Comics RPG
Shadow of the Demon Lord 2015 Schwalb Entertainment, LLC
Shadow, Sword & Spell
Shadowrun 1st Edition 1989 FASA
Shadowrun 2nd Edition 1992 FASA
Shadowrun 5th Edition 2013 Catalyst Game Labs
Sharp Swords & Sinister Spells
Shock - Social Science Fiction
Silent Legions 2015 Sine Nomine Publishing
Silver Age Sentinels
Simple Fantasy Adventure
Skull & Crossbones 1980 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
SLA Industries
Soldiers of Misfortune
Song of Swords
Sorcerer 2001 Adept Press
Sorcerers of Ur-Turuk
Space 1889
Space Marines 1980 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Space Opera 1980 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Sparks of Light
Spears of the Dawn 2013 Sine Nomine Publishing
Spione 2007 Adept Press
Spirit of 77
Spirit of the Century
Spycraft 2005 Crafty Games
Squadron UK 2nd Edition
Star Ace 1984 Pacesetter Ltd.
Star Frontiers 1982 TSR
Star Hero
Star Trek - Alpha Quadrant
Star Trek - Decipher 2002 Decipher, Inc.
Star Trek - FASA 1982 FASA
Star Trek - LUG 1998 Last Unicorn Games
Star Wars - SAGA Wizards of the Coast
Star Wars - WEG 1987 West End Games (WEG)
Star Wars Roleplaying Game - FFG Fantasy Flight Games
StarCluster 4
Starlit Kingdom
Stars Without Number 2010 Sine Nomine Publishing
Stars Without Number - Revised Edition 2017 Sine Nomine Publishing
Starships & Spacemen - FGU 1978 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Starships & Spacemen 2nd Edition
Stellar Adventures
Stories From The Grave
Stormbringer 1st Edition 1981 Chaosium
Stormbringer 4th Edition 1990 Chaosium
Stormbringer 5th Edition 2001 Chaosium
Street Fighter - The Storytelling Game White Wolf Game Studio
Sufficiently Advanced 2nd Edition
Super Gachapon Fighter Omega Infinity
Superhero 2044
Supers! - Revised Edition
Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
Sword Noir
Swordbearer 1985 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Swords & Wizardry
Tails of Equestria
Tales from the Floating Vagabond
Tales from the Loop 2017 Free League Publishing
Talislanta - The Savage Land
Talislanta 4th Edition
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles & Other Strangeness Palladium Books
Teenagers From Outer Space 1987 R. Talsorian
Tenra Bansho Zero
Termination Shock
The Authority Guardians of Order
The Basic Hack
The Black Hack
The Expanse 2019 Green Ronin Publishing
The Fantasy Trip 1977 Metagaming Conncepts
The Fantasy Trip Legacy Edition 2019 Steve Jackson Games
The Laundry 2010 Cubicle 7
The Law
The Morrow Project
The One Ring 2011 Cubicle 7
The Pool
The Price of Freedom 1986 West End Games (WEG)
The Princess Bride Roleplaying Game
The Riddle of Steel
The Shab-Al-Hiri Roach
The Shadow of Yesterday
The Sigil System
The Strange 2014 Monte Cook Games
The Void
The Witcher 2018 R. Talsorian
Thieves World
Timemaster 1984 Pacesetter Ltd.
Toon 1984 Steve Jackson Games
Top Secret 1980 TSR
Top Secret NWO 2018 TSR (New)
Top Secret SI 1987 TSR
Torchbearer 2013 Burning Wheel
Torg 1990 West End Games (WEG)
Trail of Cthulhu 2008 Pelgrane Press
Traveller 1977 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Traveller - Mongoose 2008 Mongoose Publishing
Traveller - The New Era 1993 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Traveller 2300 1986 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Tri-Stat dX Core System
Tribe 8 1998 Dream Pod 9
Tunnels & Trolls 1975 Flying Buffalo
Tunnels & Trolls - Deluxe 2015 Flying Buffalo
Tunnels & Trolls 5th Edition 1979 Flying Buffalo
Twilight 2000 1st Edition 1984 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Twilight 2000 Version 2.2 1993 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Tyrannosaurus Wrecks 1985 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Under My Skin
Under the Moons of Zoon
Underground 1993 Mayfair Games
Unknown Armies 2nd Edition
Urban Knights
Urban Shadows 2015 Magpie Games
Usagi Yojimbo
USCMC Extrasolar Colonization
Valley of the Pharaohs Palladium Books
Vampire - The Masquerade 1st Edition 1991 White Wolf Game Studio
Vampire - The Masquerade 20th Anniversary 2011 Onyx Path Publishing
Vampire - The Masquerade 5th Edition 2018 Modiphius Entertainment
Villains & Vigilantes 2nd Edition
War of the Sky Cities 1979 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay
WaRP System
Warrior, Rogue & Mage
Werewolf - The Apocalypse 20th Anniversary Onyx Path Publishing
Where No Man Has Gone Before 2nd Edition
White Lies
White Star
Wild West 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Wild World Wrestling
Wired Neon Cities
Witch - The Road to Lindesfarne
Wolves of God 2020 Sine Nomine Publishing
World of Darkness 2004 White Wolf Game Studio
World Wide Wrestling
Worlds in Peril
Worlds Without Number 2021 Sine Nomine Publishing
Wraith - The Oblivion 20th Anniversary 2018 Onyx Path Publishing
Wushu - Black Belt Edition
WWF Basic Adventure Game
Year of the Phoenix 1986 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Zweihander 2017 Grim & Perilous Studios