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Welcome to the RPG Guide. This contains a list of games I have in the DreamCloud Academy library, with links to further information regarding each of these games. As this is a rather massive undertaking, expect it to take a while to reach completion!

Title Year of Publication Publishing Company/Creator Summary
13th Age 2013 Pelgrane Press
2400 2020 Jason Tocci
3-16 Carnage Amongst the Stars 2008 Box Ninja
3D&T Alpha 2008 Marcelo Cassaro
4C 2007 Phil Reed
7th Sea 1st Edition 2000 AEG
7th Sea 2nd Edition 2016 John Wick Publishing
A Dirty World 2008 Schroedinger’s Cat Press
A Game of Thrones 2005 Guardians of Order
A Single Moment 2016 Tobie Abad
A Song of Ice and Fire 2009 Green Ronin Publishing
A Thousand and One Nights 2012 Night Sky Games
A Town Called Malice 2019 Monkeyfun Studios
A-State 2008 Contested Ground Studios
Aberrant 1999 White Wolf Game Studio
Absolute Power 2022 Dyskami Publishing
Aces & Eights 2007 Kenzer & Company
Active Exploits 2nd Edition 2005 Precis Intermedia Gaming
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 1st Edition 1977 TSR
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons 2nd Edition 1989 TSR
Advanced Fighting Fantasy 2011 Arion Games
Advanced Labyrinth Lord 2019 Goblinoid Games
Adventure 2001 White Wolf Game Studio
Adventure Fantasy Game 2014 Lost Pages
Adventurer Conqueror King 2012 Autarch
After the Bomb 2001 Palladium Books
After the War 2019 Genesis of Legend Publishing
Afterlife 2019 Angry Hamster Publishing
Aftermath! 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Against the Dark Yogi 2014 Tab Creations
Against the Darkmaster 2020 Open Ended Games
Age of Ambition 2020 Tab Creations
Age of Shadow 2011 Crooked Staff Publishing
Agents of Concordia 2020 Strangewood Studios
Agon 2006 One Seven Design
Agon 2nd Edition 2020 One Seven Design
Agone 2001 Multisim Publishing
Albedo 1988 Thoughts & Images
Albedo 2nd Edition 1993 Thoughts & Images
Albedo - Platinum Catalyst 2004 Sanguine Productions Ltd.
Alice is Missing 2020 Renegade Game Studios
Alien 2019 Free League
Aliens Adventure Game 1991 Leading Edge Games
Aliens and Asteroids 2018 Gallant Knight Games
All Flesh Must Be Eaten 1999 Eden Studios, Inc.
All-Star Wrestling 1991 Afterthought Images
Alone Against Fear 2020 Ganesha Games
Alpha Omega 2008 Mindstorm Labs
Altais - Age of Ruin 2017 Parhelia Games
Alternity 1st Edition 1999 TSR
Alternity 2nd Edition 2018 Sasquatch Game Studio
Amazing Adventures 2012 Troll Lord Games
Amazing Engine 1993 TSR
Amber Diceless Roleplay 1991 Phage Press
AMP 2014 Third Eye Games
Angel 2003 Eden Studios
Anima Prime 2011 Berengad Games
Another Fine Mess 2000 Grey Ghost Press, Inc.
Any Planet is Earth 2020 Classless Kobolds
Aphelion's Gate 2020 Creepy Assassin
Apocalypse Prevention Inc 2008 Third Eye Games
Apocalypse World 2010 Lumpley Games
Apocalypse World 2nd Edition 2016 Lumpley Games
Aquelarre 2018 Nocturnal Media
Archipelago 3rd Edition 2012 Matthijs Holter
Arduin 1980 Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures Corp.
Aria 1994 Last Unicorn Games
Arcanum 30th Anniversary Edition 2019 Zila Games
Army of Darkness 2005 Eden Studios, Inc.
Armageddon 1st Edition 1997 Myrmidon Press
Armageddon 2nd Edition 2003 Eden Studios, Inc.
Arrows of Indra 2012 Bedrock Games
Ars Magica 2nd Edition 1989 Lion Rampant Games
Ars Magica 3rd Edition 1992 White Wolf Game Studio
Ars Magica 4th Edition 1996 Atlas Games
Ars Magica 5th Edition 2004 Atlas Games
Art of Wuxia 2019 DwD Studios
Artefact 2nd Edition 2020 Mousehole Press
Ascendant 2020 Autarch
AS&SH 2nd Edition 2017 North Wind Adventures
Astonishing Super Heroes 2022 Tim Bannock
Atlantis – The Second Age 2014 Khepera Publishing
Atomic Highway 2009 Radioactive Ape Designs
Augmented Reality 2017 Geist Hack Games
Awaiting the End 2014 Future Proof Games
Axon Punk Overdrive 2017 Wrong Brothers Gaming
Azamar 2011 Wicked North Games
Badass 2011 Stargazer Games
Band of Blades 2019 Evil Hat Productions
Barbarians of Lemuria 2008 Beyond Belief Games
Barbarians of the Ruined Earth 2020 DIY RPG Productions
Base Raiders 2013 Slang Design
BASH 2004 Basic Action Games
Basic Fantasy 3rd Edition 2014 The Basic Fantasy Project
Batman Role Playing Game 1989 Mayfair Games
Beach Patrol 2018 Gallant Knight Games
Beast - The Primordial (nWoD 1e) 2016 Onyx Path Publishing
Beast Hunters 2007 Berengad Games
Bedlam Hall 2017 MonkeyFun Studios
Behind Enemy Lines 1982 FASA
Behind Enemy Lines 2nd Edition 1985 The Companions
Belly of the Beast 2016 Sigil Stone Publishing
Best Left Buried 2018 SoulMuppet Publishing
Better Angels 2013 ArcDream Publishing
Beyond The Black Sea 2020 Darkstars Universe
Beyond the Supernatural 1987 Palladium Books
Beyond the Wall 2014 Flatland Games
Big Eyes, Small Mouth 1st Edition 1997 Guardians of Order
Big Eyes, Small Mouth 2nd Edition 2001 Guardians of Order
Big Eyes, Small Mouth 3rd Edition 2007 White Wolf Game Studio
Big Eyes, Small Mouth 4th Edition 2019 White Wolf Game Studio
Big-Time Professional Rasslin - Steelcage 2003 Paul Arden Lindberg
Big-Time Professional Rasslin' 1988 Crunchy Frog Enterprises
Black Ops - Osprey 2015 Osprey Wargames
Black Seven 2011 Zero Point Information
Black Void 2021 Modiphius
Blackwind 2018 Elisa Mignemi & Allan Kelley
Blade Bind 2016 Powerframe Games
Blade of the Iron Throne 2012 Iron Throne Publishing
Blades in the Dark 2017 Evil Hat Productions
Bleak Spirit 2019 Certain Death
Bliss Stage 2007 Ben Lehman
Blood of Heroes - Special Edition 2000 Pulsar Games
Blood, Guts & Glory 2016 Gurbintroll Games
Blood and Bronze 2016 Blood and Bronze
Blood and Honor 2010 John Wick
Blood & Treasure 2012 John M. Stater
Blood & Treasure 2nd Edition 2016 John M. Stater
Blue Planet - Recontact 2020 Gallant Knight Games
Blue Planet 1st Edition 1997 Biohazard Games
Blue Planet 2nd Edition 2000 Fantasy Flight Games
Blue Planet Revised 2012 FASA (new)
Blue Rose 2005 Green Ronin
Blue Rose - AGE Edition 2017 Green Ronin
Boot Hill 2nd Edition 1979 TSR
Boot Hill 3rd Edition 1990 TSR
Boy Problems 2019 Boy Problems Tabletop Productions
Broadsword 2017 Bloody Eye Games
Broken Gears 2005 Cambridge University Roleplaying Society
Bubblegum Crisis 1996 R. Talsorian Games, Inc.
Bubblegumshoe 2016 Pelgrane Press
Buck Rogers - High Adventure Cliffhangers 1993 TSR
Buck Rogers XXVc 1990 TSR
Bucket of Bolts 2021 Jack Harrison
Buffy the Vampire Slayer 2002 Eden Studios, Inc.
Bulletproof Blues 2nd Edition 2014 Kalos Comics
Bunnies & Burrows 1976 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Burning Empires 2006 Burning Wheel
Burning Wheel 2002 Burning Wheel
Bushido 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
BX Essentials 2017 Necrotic Gnome Productions
Byte 2020 Abascanto Press
Cabal 2017 Corone Design
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs 1990 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Call of Cthulhu 5th Edition 1992 Chaosium
Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition 2014 Chaosium
Capers 2018 NerdBurger Games
Capes, Cowls and Villains Foul 2012 Spectrum Games
Capes 2005 Muse of Fire Games
Car Wars 1980 Steve Jackson Games
Car Wars 6th Edition 2021 Steve Jackson Games
Carbon 2185 2019 Dragon Turtle Games
Cartoon Action Hour - Season 1 2003 Spectrum Games
Cartoon Action Hour - Season 2 2008 Spectrum Games
Cartoon Action Hour - Season 3 2013 Spectrum Games
Castle Falkenstein 1994 R. Talsorian
Cat's Dream 2018 TAG Sessions
Cavaliers of Mars 2018 Onyx Path Publishing
Cavemaster 2012 UNIGames
Centurion 2013 Fraser Ronald
Cepheus Engine 2016 Samardan Press Publications
Chaalt 2019 Kort'thalis Publishing
Champions - New Millenium 1997 Hero Games
Champions 1st Edition 1981 Hero Games
Champions 2nd Edition 1982 Hero Games
Champions 3rd Edition 1984 Hero Games
Champions 4th Edition 1989 Hero Games
Champions Now 2020 Hero Games
Changeling - The Dreaming 20th Anniversary 2017 Onyx Path Publishing
Changeling - The Lost (nWoD 1e) 2007 Onyx Path Publishing
Charm 2020 Strange Machine Games
Chill 1e 1984 Pacesetter Ltd.
Chill 2e 1990 Mayfair Games
Chill 3e 2015 Martin Caron
Chivalry & Sorcery - The Rebirth 2000 Brittania Games
Circle of Hands 2014 Adept Press
Citadel 1976 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Classified 2014 Expeditious Retreat Press
Classroom Deathmatch 2007 Atarashi Games
Codename - Spandex 2012 Gurbintroll Games
Cold Shadows 2017 Gallant Knight Games
Conan – Modiphius 2017 Modiphius
Conan – Mongoose 1e 2003 Mongoose Publishing
Conan – Mongoose 2e 2007 Mongoose Publishing
Conan - TSR 1985 TSR
Conspiracist 2017 Playful Leviathan Press
Conspiracy of Shadows 2004 Bobgoat Press
Conspiracy X 1996 New Millennium Entertainment
Conspiracy X 2nd Edition 2006 Eden Studios, Inc.
Contact - Tactical Alien Defense 2016 Clockwork Publishing
Coriolis 2016 Free League Publishing
CORPS 1998 Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Cortex 2005 Margaret Weis Productions
Cortex Prime 2020 Fandom
Cosmic Cutthroats 2020 Imperfekt Gammes
Covert Ops 2013 DwD Studios
Crime Fighter 1988 Task Force Games
Crimefighters 1981 TSR
Crimson Cutlass 1979 George H. Rahm
Crimson Exodus 2013 Radical Approach
Cryptworld 2013 Pacesetter Ltd.
Cyberpunk 2013 1988 R. Talsorian
Cyberpunk 2020 1990 R. Talsorian
Cyberpunk Red 2020 R. Talsorian
Cyberspace 1989 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Cypher System 2015 Monte Cook Games
Cypher System Revised 2019 Monte Cook Games
d6 System 1996 West End Games (WEG)
d6 x d6 2015 Popcorn Press
Dagger by Proxy 2016 Covert Ops Games
Dallas The RPG 1980 Simulations Publications, Inc.
Danger Close 2015 Empress Miniatures
Danger International 1985 Hero Games
Danger Patrol 2010 One Seven
Dangerous Journeys 1992 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Daredevils 1982 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Dark Conspiracy 1991 Game Designers' Workshop (GDW)
Dark Conspiracy 2nd Edition 1998 Dark Conspiracy Enterprises
Dark Conspiracy 3rd Edition 2011 3 Hombres Games
Dark Conspiracy 4th Edition 2022 Amargosa Press
Dark Dungeons 2010 Gurbintroll Games
Dark Heresy 2nd Edition 2014 Fantasy Flight Games
Dark Places and Demogorgons 2017 Bloat Games
Darkurthe Legends 1993 Black Dragon Press
Dawn Patrol 1980 TSR
DC Adventures 2010 Green Ronin Publishing
DC Heroes 1st Edition 1985 Mayfair Games
DC Heroes 2nd Edition 1989 Mayfair Games
DC Heroes 3rd Edition 1993 Mayfair Games
DC Universe 1999 West End Games (WEG)
Death in Space 2021 Free League
Deathstalkers 2nd Edition 2005 Cutter's Guild Games
Defiant 2020 Game Machinery
Degenesis - Rebirth Edition (English) 2014 SIXMOREVODKA
Delve 2020 Whispering Wizard
Delver 2nd Edition 2020 Happy Rebel Tapestries
Demon - The Descent (nWoD 1e) 2014 Onyx Path Publishing
Demon Gate 2018 Arcanum Syndicate
Destined 2022 The Design Mechanism
Dialect 2017 Thorny Games
DIE RPG 2019 Kieron Gillen
Dime Adventures 2017 Tab Creations
DIY RPG Productions 2016 DIY RPG Productions
Do - Pilgrims of the Flying Temple 2011 Evil Hat Productions
Doctor Who - Cubicle 7 2009 Cubicle 7
Doctor Who - FASA 1985 FASA
Dogs in the Vineyard 2004 Lumpley Games
Don't Rest Your Head 2006 Evil Hat Productions
Don't Walk in Winter Wood 2nd Edition 2011 Red Moon Medicine Show
Donjon 2002 Anvilwerks
DoubleZero 2020 Dancing Lights Press
Downcrawl 2019 Aaron A. Reed
Downfall 2015 Carolyn Hobbs
Dracula 1992 Leading Edge Games
Dragon Age 2010 Green Ronin Publishing
Dragon Fist 1999 Wizards of the Coast
Dragon Heresy 2019 Gaming Ballistic
Dragon Warriors 1985 Corgi Books
DragonQuest 2nd Edition 1982 Simulations Publications, Inc.
DragonQuest 3rd Edition 1989 TSR
Dragons at Dawn 2010 Southerwood Publishing
Dragons Conquer America 2018 Burning Games
Dread 2005 The Impossible Dream
Dream Park 1992 R. Talsorian
Droids 1982 Integral Games
Dune 2000 Last Unicorn Games
Dune - Modiphius 2021 Modiphius
Dungeon Crawl Classics 2012 Goodman Games
Dungeon Questing 2016 Mikael Hassel
Dungeon Scum 2016 Nordic Weasel Games
Dungeon Squad II 2012 Bully Pulpit Games
Dungeon Squad! 2005 Bully Pulpit Games
Dungeon World 2012 Sage Kobold Productions
Dungeons & Destiny 2020 Velvet Fang
Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 2003 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 3rd Edition 2000 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition 2008 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition 2014 Wizards of the Coast
Dungeons & Dragons B-X 1981 TSR
Dungeons & Dragons BECMI 1983 TSR
Dungeons & Dragons Holmes 1977 TSR
Dungeons & Dragons White Box 1974 TSR
Dungeonslayers 3.5 2009 Christian Kennig
Dungeonslayers 4th Edition 2012 Chronicle City
Dying Earth 2001 Pelgrane Press
Dystopia 2002 Politically Incorrect Games
EABA 2003 Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Earthdawn 4th Edition 2015 FASA (new)
Eclipse Phase 2009 Posthuman Studios
Eclipse Phase 2nd Edition 2020 Posthuman Studios
Ehdrighor 2012 Council of Fools
Eldritch Tales 2018 Raven God Games
Electric Bastionland 2020 Bastionland Press
ElfQuest 1984 Chaosium
Elric! 1993 Chaosium
Empire of the Petal Throne 1975 TSR
Empire of Dust 2009 Amy Garcia
En Garde! 4th Edition 2005 Paul Evans
Encounter Critical 2005 Cumberland Games
Enforcers 1987 21st Century Games
English Eerie 2nd Edition 2017 Trollish Delver Games
Eorathril 2018 Gallant Knight Games
ERA - The Consortium 2017 Shades of Vengeance
Esoterica 2018 Fire Ruby Designs
Espionage! 1983 Hero Games
Everway 1995 Wizards of the Coast
Everyone is John 1st Edition 2002 Michael Sullivan
Everyone is John 2nd Edition 2020 Gamer Nation Studios
Everywhen 2018 Filigree Forge
Ex-Machina 2004 Guardians of Order
Exalted 1st Edition 2001 White Wolf Game Studio
Exalted 2nd Edition 2006 White Wolf Game Studio
Exilium 2017 Greg Saunders
F.A.T.A.L. 1st Edition 2003 Fatal Games
F.A.T.A.L. 2nd Edition 2004 Fatal Games
Fabled Lands 2011 Greywood Publishing
Fading Suns 1st Edition 1996 Holistic Design, Inc.
Fading Suns 2nd Edition 1999 Holistic Design, Inc.
Faeries Wear Boots 2019 Epiphany Entertainment
Fantasia 2003 New Dimension Games
Faerie Skies 2015 Starline Publishing
Faery's Tale Deluxe Edition 2007 Firefly Games
Faith 2nd Edition 2018 Burning Games
Fallen Stars 2019 Leith Brownlee
Fallout 2021 Modiphius
Fantasy AGE 2015 Green Ronin Publishing
Fantasy Craft 2009 Mongoose Publishing
Fantasy Hero 1985 Hero Games
Far Trek 2009 Mike Berkey
Farflung 2017 Sanguine Games
FASERIP 2015 Gurbintroll Games
FATE 2003 Evil Hat Productions
Feast of Legends 2019 Quality is Our Recipe
Fellowship 2nd Edition 2019 Libergothica Games
Feng Shui 1996 Atlas Games
Feng Shui 2 2015 Atlas Games
Fiasco 2009 Bully Pulpit Games
Fiasco 2nd Edition 2020 Bully Pulpit Games
Fight City 2021 GBDW Games
Fight! 2010 Divine Madness Press
Fight! - 2nd Edition 2019 Divine Madness Press
Fighters United 2017 Andrew Grondin
Firefly 2014 Margaret Weis Productions
First Contact X-Corps 2014 AKA Games
Fistful of Lead 2019 Wiley Games
Fists & .45s 2017 Paper-Dragon Productions
Five Fires - Hip Hop Social Fiction 2014 Thought Crime Games
Five Torches Deep 2019 Sigil Stone Publishing
Flash Gordon and the Warriors of Mongo 1977 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Flashing Blades 1984 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Flying Circus 2020 Newstand Press
Flying Swordsmen 2012 Dennis Laffey
For Coin & Blood 2018 Gallant Knight Games
For Gold & Glory 2016 Justen Brown
Forbidden Lands 2019 Modiphius
Forthright Open Roleplay 2017 Room 209 Gaming
Four Against Mars 2020 Ganesha Games
Freedom Fighters 1986 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Fringeworthy 3rd Edition 1993 Tri Tac Systems
FrontierSpace 2017 DwD Studios
Frostgrave 2nd Edition 2020 Osprey Games
Furry Pirates 1999 Atlas Games
Future Nexus 2005 Nadin Brzeinski
Fuzion 2002 R. Talsorian Games
Fvlminata 2001 Thyrsus Games
G-Core 2010 Dilly Green Bean Games
Game Design Various Various
Gamma K 2021 Cthonic Creations
Gamma World 1st Edition 1978 TSR
Gamma World 2nd Edition 1983 TSR
Gamma World 3rd Edition 1986 TSR
Gamma World 4th Edition 1992 TSR
Gamma World 7th Edition 2010 Wizards of the Coast
Gangbusters 1st Edition 1982 TSR
Gangbusters 3rd Edition 1990 TSR
Gangster! 1979 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Gaslands 2017 Osprey Wargames
Geist - The Sin-Eaters (nWoD 1e) 2009 Onyx Path Publishing
Genesys 2017 Fantasy Flight Games
Gentleman Bandit 2019 Allison Arth
Ghost Dog 2000 Guardians of Order
Ghostbusters RPG 1986 West End Games (WEG)
Ghosts of Albion 2008 Eden Studios
G.I. Joe 2022 Renegade Game Studios
Glitter Hearts 2020 Leatherman Games
Godbound 2016 Sine Nomine Publishing
Godlike 2nd Edition 2001 Arc Dream Publishing
Godsend Agenda 3e 2022 Khepera Publishing
Golden Heroes 1984 Games Workshop
Golden Sky Stories 2010 Star Line Publishing
Golgotha 2019 Fire Ruby Designs
Grey Ranks 2010 Bully Pulpit Games
Grimm 2007 Fantasy Flight Games
GURPS 3rd Edition 1988 Steve Jackson Games
GURPS 4th Edition 2004 Steve Jackson Games
GWAR - Rumble in Antarctica Miniatures Game 1999 DemonBlade Games
Hack the Planet 2019 Samjoko Publishing
Harn 1986 Columbia Games
HarnMaster Gold 2003 Kelestia Productions
HARP 2003 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Hauberk 2019 Happy Rebel Tapestries
Hawkmoon 1986 Chaosium
Heart 2020 Rowan, Rook and Card
HeartQuest 2002 Seraphim Guard
Heaven & Earth 3rd Edition 2004 Abstract Nova Entertainment
Heavy Gear 1st Edition 1995 Dream Pod 9
Heavy Gear 2nd Edition 1997 Dream Pod 9
Heavy Gear 3rd Edition, Art & Story Books, and More 2003 Dream Pod 9
Heavy Gear d6 2016 Banzaidyne
Hercules & Xena 1998 West End Games (WEG)
Heroes 1979 Tabletop Games
Heroes Against Darkness 2012 Hero Forge Games
Heroes & Heroines 1993 Excel Marketing
Heroes of Hellas 2017 Artwork 77 Studios
Heroes Unlimited 1984 Palladium Books
HeroQuest 2nd Edition 2009 Moon Design Publications
Hillfolk 2013 Pelgrane Press
History of the Hobby Various Various
HoL 1995 White Wolf Game Studio
Hollow Earth Expedition 2006 Exile Game Studio
Hollowpoint 2011 VSCA Publishing
Hong Kong Action Theatre! 1st Edition 1996 Event Horizon Productions
Hong Kong Action Theatre! 2nd Edition 2001 Guardians of Order
Honor & Intrigue 2004 Basic Action Games
House of Cards 2012 Parenthesis Press
Hunt the Wicked 2016 Sigil Stone Publishing
Hunter - The Vigil (nWoD 1e) 2008 Onyx Path Publishing
Hyperborea 3e 2022 North Wind Adventures
Hypertellurians 2019 Mottokrosh Machinations
Icar 2014 Rob Lang Games
Icarus 2019 Renegade Game Studios
ICONS 2014 Ad Infinitum Adventures
iHunt 2019 Machine Age Productions
Immortal - Invisible War 1st Edition 1994 Precedence Publishing
Immortal - Invisible War 3rd Edition 2005 Jikkarro Enterprises
In Dark Alleys 2006 Vajra Enterprises
Index Card RPG 2nd Edition 2018 Runehammer Games
Indiana Jones RPG 1984 TSR
InSpectres 2002 Memento Mori
Into the Bronze 2020 Lantern's Faun
Into the Dark 2018 Off Guard Games
Into the Odd 2015 Lost Pages
Into the Unknown 2019 O5R Games
Into the Wyrd and Wild 2021 Feral Indie Studio
Invisible Sun 2018 Monte Cook Games
Invulnerable 2014 Imperfekt Gammes
It Came From the Late Late Late Show 1989 Stellar Games
Itras By 2012 Vagrant Workshop
James Bond 007 1983 Victory Games
Jim Hensons Labyrinth 2019 River Horse Games
John Carter of Mars 2019 Modiphius Entertainment
Jovian Chronicles 1998 Dream Pod 9
Judge Dredd - GW 1985 Games Workshop
Judge Dredd & the Worlds of 2000AD 2018 EN Publishing
Justice Inc 1984 Hero Games
Justifiers RPG 1st Edition 1988 StarChilde Publications
Justifiers RPG 2nd Edition 1988 StarChilde Publications
Kagegami High 2017 Yaruki Zero Games
Kaigaku 2nd Edition 2020 Thunderegg Productions
Kamigakari 2020 Arclight Games
Katanas & Trenchcoats 2015 Ryan Macklin
Kids on Bikes 2018 Renegade Games Studios
Kids on Brooms 2020 Renegade Game Studios
Killer 1981 Steve Jackson Games
Knave 2018 Questing Beast Games
Knights and Magick 1980 Heritage Models
Kuf 2019 Wilhelm Games
Kult 1st Edition 1993 Metropolis Ltd.
Kuro 2012 Cubicle 7
Lace and Steel 2003 Pharos Press
Lady Blackbird 2016 One Seven Design
Lamentations of the Flame Princess 2013 James Edward Raggi IV
Lancer 2019 Massif Press
Land of the Rising Sun 1980 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Lands of Adventure 1983 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Lark Fantasy 2019 Ray Weidner
Lasers & Feelings 2013 One Seven Design
Leagues of Adventure 2012 Triple Ace Games
Legacy - War of Ages 2009 Battlefield Press
Legend of the Elements 2016 The Logbook Project
Legend of the Five Rings 2nd Edition 1997 Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG)
Legend Quest 1991 John G. Josten
Legendary Lives 2nd Edition 1993 Joe Williams
Legends 2020 FeralGamersInc
Legends of the Ancient World 2008 Dark City Games
Legends of the Wulin 2012 EOS SAMA, LLC.
Legends Walk 2e 2006 Silver Branch Games
Lejendary Adventure 1999 Hekaforge Productions
Leverage 2010 Margaret Weis Productions
Lightmaster 2019 Gurbintroll Games
Liminal 2019 Modiphius
Lion and Dragon 2017 DOM Publishing
Lone Wolf Adventure Game 2015 Cubicle 7
Lone Wolf d20 2004 Mongoose Publishing
Lone Wolf Multiplayer Gamebook 2010 Mongoose Publishing
Lords & Wizards 1977 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Low Fantasy Gaming 2016 Stephen J. Grodzicki
Luther Arkwright 2015 The Design Mechanism
Lyonesse 2020 The Design Mechanism
Macabre Tales 2011 Spectrum Games
Machineborn - Earthbound 2020 Ekorren
Macho Women With Guns 2nd Edition 1994 Blacksburg Tactical Research Center
Maelstrom 1984 Puffin Books
Mage - The Ascension 20th Anniversary 2015 Onyx Path Publishing
Mage - The Awakening (nWoD 1e) 2005 White Wolf Game Studio
Magic World 2012 Chaosium
Maid - The Role Playing Game 2008 Star Line Publishing
Malifaux 3rd Edition 2019 Wyrd Miniatures
Mars Colony 2010 TCK Roleplaying
Marvel Heroic Roleplaying 2012 Margaret Weis Productions
Marvel SAGA 1998 TSR
Marvel Super Heroes - Advanced Set 1986 TSR
Marvel Super Heroes - Basic Set 1984 TSR
Marvel Super Heroes - Basic Set Revised 1991 TSR
Marvel Universe RPG 2003 Marvel Comics
Masks 2014 Gurbintroll Games
Masks - PbtA 2016 Magpie Games
Master of the Rogue Spire 2019 Samuraifight
MasterBook 1994 West End Games (WEG)
Maximum Apocalypse 2020 Rock Manor Games
Mazes 2020 9th Level Games
Mazes and Minotaurs 2006 Legendary Games Studio
Mechwarrior 1st Edition 1986 FASA
Mechwarrior 3rd Edition 1999 FASA
MegaTraveller 1987 Game Designers’ Workshop (GDW)
Mekton II 1987 R. Talsorian
Mekton Zeta 1994 R. Talsorian
Merc 1981 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Mercenaries Spies & Private Eyes 1983 Flying Buffalo
Mermaid Adventures - Revised Edition 2017 Third Eye Games
Metamorphosis Alpha 1976 TSR
Micro Chapbook RPG 2020 Noah Patterson
Microlite20 2006 RetroRoleplaying
Middle-Earth Role Playing 1st Edition 1984 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Middle-Earth Role Playing 2nd Edition 1993 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Millennium's End 2nd Edition 1993 Chameleon Eclectic Entertainment
Mindjammer 2014 Mindjammer Press, Ltd.
Modern AGE 2018 Green Ronin Publishing
Modern Day Gladiators 2003 G2Media
Modern War 2020 Zozer Games
Monarchies of Mau 2018 Onyx Path Publishing
MoonPunk 2020 Wannabe Games
Monsterhearts 2012 Buried Without Ceremony
Monsterhearts 2nd Edition 2017 Buried Without Ceremony
Monsters! Monsters! 1976 Flying Buffalo
Mork Borg 2019 Ockult Ortmastare Games
Mothership 2018 Tuesday Knight Games
Motif Story Engine 2020 Thought Police Interactive
Mouse Guard 1st Edition 2008 Archaia Studios Press
Mouse Guard 2nd Edition 2015 Archaia Studios Press
Mud, Blood & Glory 2nd Edition 2019 Black Hat Games
Mummy - The Curse (nWoD 1e) 2013 Onyx Path Publishing
Murphy's World 2004 Peregrine
Must Be Tuesday 2014 Newstand Press
Mutant City Blues 2009 Pelgrane Press
Mutant City Blues 2nd Edition 2020 Pelgrane Press
Mutant Crawl Classics 2017 Goodman Games
Mutant Year Zero 2015 Free League
Mutants & Marvels 2nd Edition 2015 Tom Doolan
Mutants & Masterminds 1st Edition 2002 Green Ronin Publishing
Mutants & Masterminds 2nd Edition 2005 Green Ronin Publishing
Mutants & Masterminds 3rd Edition 2011 Green Ronin Publishing
Mutants in the Now 2021 j.k! Games
My Life With Master 2003 Half Meme Press
Mythender 2012 Ryan Macklin
Mythic d6 2018 Khepera Publishing
Mythras 2016 The Design Mechanism
Neon City Overdrive 2020 Peril Planet Game Studio
Neon Sanctum 2014 Adam Waite & Craig Pezet
Neurocity 2020 Gavriel Quiroga
Never Going Home 2019 Wet Ink Games
Never Tell Me the Odds 2019 David Somerville
Neverwhere 3rd Edition 2009 Postmortem Studios
Nexus - The Infinite City 1994 Daedalus Games
Nibiru 2019 Araukana Media
Nicotine Girls 2002 Paul Czege
Night's Black Agents 2012 Pelgrane Press
NightLife 3rd Edition 1992 Stellar Games
Ninjas & Superspies 1987 Palladium Books
No Country for Old Kobolds 2016 Steve Wallace Art
Nobilis 2002 Hogshead Publishing
Nod 2014 Simon Carryer Games
Noir 1996 Archon Gaming
Noirlandia 2016 Make Big Things Games
Now Playing 2003 Carnivore Games
Numenera 2013 Monte Cook Games
octaNe 2002 Memento Mori
OGRE-GEV 1977 Steve Jackson Games
Old-School Essentials 2019 Necrotic Gnome
On Mighty Thews 2016 Simon Carryer Games
On the Air 2018 Spectrum Games
OneDice System Games 2017 Cakebreak & Walton
OSRIC 2006 Stuart Marshall & Matthew Finch
Other Dust 2012 Sine Nomine Publishing
Other Suns 1983 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Our Last Best Hope 2012 Magpie Games
Outlaws of the Water Margin 1998 Panurgic Publishing
OVA Revised 2015 Wise Turtle
Over the Edge 2nd Edition 1997 Atlas Games
Over the Edge 3rd Edition 2019 Atlas Games
Pacts & Blades 2020 Lucas Rolim
Paladin 2002 Anvilwerks
Paladin - Warriors of Charlemange 2018 Nocturnal Media
Paleomythic 2019 Osprey Games
Palladium Fantasy 1984 Palladium Books
Palladium Weapons & Armor 1981 Palladium Books
Panty Explosion 2006 Atarashi Games
Paranoia 2nd Edition 1987 West End Games (WEG)
Paranoia XP 2004 Mongoose Publishing
Parsely 2018 Memento Mori Theatricks
Part-Time Gods 2nd Edition 2018 Third Eye Games
Pathfinder 1st Edition 2009 Paizo
Pendragon 1st Edition 1985 Chaosium
Pendragon 5th Edition 2005 Nocturnal Media
Phase 4 2016 Random Wizard
Phoenix Command 1989 Leading Edge Games
Piledrivers & Powerbombs 2007 Prince of Darkness Games
Pip System 2017 Third Eye Games
Pirates of Dark Water 1994 Mindgames Inc.
Planets of Peril 2012 Keith Bruce Vaughn
Poisond 2007 D. Vincent Baker
Polaris 2005 Nostalgia Studio
Polaris (Black Book Editions) 2016 Black Book Editions
Power Kill 1996 John Tynes
Power Rangers 2021 Renegade Game Studios
Powerchords - Music, Magic & Urban Fantasy 2017 Quiet Thunder Productions
Prime Directive 1993 Task Force Games
Primetime Adventures 3rd Edition 2015 Dog-eared Designs
Prince Valiant 1989 Chaosium
Privateers & Gentlemen 1983 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Privateers and Pirates 2005 FJGaming
Promethean - The Created (nWoD 1e) 2006 Onyx Path Publishing
Prowlers & Paragons 2019 LakeSide Games
Psi World 1984 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Pugmire 2017 Onyx Path Publishing
Qin 2005 Le 7eme Cercle
Quest 2019 The Adventure Guild
Quest of the Ancients 1991 Unicorn Game Publications
Quietus 2019 Oli Jeffrey
Quill 2016 Trollish Delver Games
Radio Free Kaiju 2015 Thought Crime Games
Ralph Bakshi's Wizards 1992 Whit Publications
Rapier & Dagger 1978 Fantasy Games Unlimited (FGU)
Rapture 2011 StoryWeaver
Rebel Crown 2020 Michael Dunn-O'Connor
RECON - Original 1982 RPG, Inc.
RECON - Palladium 1986 Palladium Books
Reign 2010 Arc Dream Publishing
Renaissance 2012 Cakebread & Walton
Retropunk 2020 Wrecking Ball Games
Retrostar 2015 Spectrum Games
Rise 2020 Anna Blackwell
Risus 1993 Cumberland Games
Robot Warriors 1986 Hero Games
Robotech 1986 Palladium Books
Robotech - The Macross Saga 2019 Strange Machine Games
Rocket Age 2013 Cubicle 7
Rogue Trader 2019 Cubicle 7
Rolemaster Classic 2006 Iron Crown Enterprises (I.C.E.)
Romance of the Perilous Land 2016 Trollish Delver Games
Romance Trilogy (Breaking the Ice, Shooting the Moon, Under My Skin) - ECB 2016 Black and Green Games
Root 2021 Magpie Games
Royal Blood 2016 Rowan, Rook and Decard
Ruin Masters 2020 Riotminds
Rune 2001 Atlas Games
Rune 2001 Atlas Games
RuneQuest 2nd Edition (Mongoose) 2010 Mongoose Publishing
RuneQuest 6th Edition 2012 The Design Mechanism
RuneQuest Classic Edition 2016 Chaosium
RuneSlayers 1998 J.C Connors, Christopher Lawrence
Runners in the Shadows 2020 Mark Cleveland Massengale
Ryuutama 2015 Kotodama Heavy Industries
Sabre 2nd Edition 2020 Dragonsbane Entertainment
Sailor Moon 2000 Guardians of Order
Savage Worlds Adventurer Edition 2019 Pinnacle Entertainment Group
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