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December 15, 2022

Hybrid Calisthenics

Physical fitness! There are a lot of fads and trends in this area. Both calisthenics and power lifting with some conditioning strike me as solid fitness routes to take. Personally I lean towards calisthenics because there is less equipment required, and I have a slight fear of injury from doing something wrong with the power lifting. Anyways, Hybrid Calisthenics is a site by Hampton, a friendly fitness YouTuber. His YouTube channel is great and to the point. His site here is also useful. The general idea behind this fitness program is to perform Pull-ups, Push-ups, Squats, Bridges, Twists and now Leg Raises. Each of these movements comes with a bunch of easier and more difficult variations. So, you choose a variation for each of these categories of movements and perform the listed number of repetitions. If you can't perform the repetitions, you choose an easier variation of the same movement until you can. The plan, then, is that you do these exercises, increase repetitions until you can handle the next more difficult variation of any particular movement, and you just keep trying to progress. The basic idea here I believe is taken from the book Convict Conditioning, but Hampton is a much friendlier guy who keeps all of the progressions realistic.

Mr. Money Mustache

Mr. Money Mustache is all about the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) movement and how to arrange your finances to get the most out of them. Like health, people can end up in all kinds of financial situations for reasons both inside and outside their control, but regardless of the reasons there are steps you can take to improve where you are at. I found his general philosophy to be refreshing and hopeful. I see people who make over twice what I make still in precarious financial positions. I see Mr. Money Mustache's habits and see a lot of ways I am still more wasteful with my money than I'd like to be. Basically, this blog contains the kind of financial education it'd be great for every adult to have before we all start messing it up. Good stuff.

PortableApps.com - Portable software for USB, portable, and cloud drives

PortableApps.com is a cool site that was originally designed as an app to load up a bunch of useful Windows programs on a USB drive. The "Portable" bit is that these apps are fully self contained and can run right off a USB stick (or anything else, really) without needing to install them. This means you can use them with someone else's computer, or a work computer, or just wherever without needing install permissions. There are over 400 applications available, and PortableApps makes it easy to check the ones you want and also to keep them updated, and the app even has its own little "Start Menu" for accessing the programs. Everything from LibreOffice to Thunderbird, to network utilities, password stores, games... too much to list. Perfect if you ever find yourself needing a particular app, but you have to use someone else's computer, or if you are providing tech support you may find a USB drive with some helpful utilities a great thing to have on hand.