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March 13, 2023

Note: Welcome to Dreamcloud Academy

If you've visited before, you probably notice that the site looks a little different. Dreamcloud Academy was using MediaWiki to display its front page for the last couple of years. Adventures in self-hosting have taken my MediaWiki instance offline for the time being, so I thought I should have at least something on the front page of the site directing my usual users to the resources the site provides:

  • The Dreamcloud Library: Probably what most of my friends are looking for.
  • Game Night: Rich's collection of data about our game nights, who runs, what we play, and all of that.
  • Dreamcloud Forums: I've created a ProBoard for my friends and I to chat on, if anyone decides they are interested. This is not hosted on my personal server, but is a 3rd party service. The forum is only visible to signed in members, and you can choose to create an account to be granted access.
  • Hidden Features: There are other bits of HTML scattered about the server, but probably nothing anyone cares about. If you have old links to them, they should still work fine.

I do hope to get the server all tidied up again in the near future. Sorry for the mess.

Your local webmaster, Benjamin R. Terry